Water Is One In Aqueduct II


Driven by the power provided by two pumping stations, the water rises a slope of more than a thousand metres, crossing the scorching heat of the bush and semi-desert on its way. With a simple mission, the torrent born from the Moctezuma River runs more than a hundred kilometers in Aqueduct II between deep tunnels and air vents that squeak giving a wild voice to the mountains. Then, after 20 hours of travelling, the water inside the colossal serpent that is born in the dam of the furnace in Cadereyta finds its destination in the key of your house. Water is one. The team of nine Arte Urbano and PangeaSeed Foundation are deeply grateful to the State Water Commission of Querétaro for all their support during the production of the “Water is One” festival and for inspiring our artists to show us the great challenge of bringing water to our homes. #AqueductoII #pangeaseed #seawalls #seawallsmx #waterisone #artivism #paintforapurpose #protectwhatyoulove #nuevearteurbano #streetart #transgraffiti #transgraffiti #transgrafiti #elaguaesuna #culturalfreedom

Video of Gabriel McCormick and Eddgar Torres

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