Visual Madness with Demencia Beivide

By Chema Noriega.

Where does inspiration come from? The human being, by nature, lives in a constant internal struggle to reinvent himself; art, in all its aspects, is presented as the ideal means to enter catharsis. Although artistic manifestations come unannounced, we humans are often forced to confront the innermost spaces of our subconscious – as intimidating as this may be – so that, through observation and questioning, we can find that spark that ignites our emotions and clarifies our ideas, allowing us to turn them into tangible means that interact with other people.

Since 2009, Lilian Muñoz, better known as Demencia Beivide, explores the need to confront ourselves to find peace and fulfillment, embracing”madness as the character we all evade being”. With a style of complex graphics and voluminous textures, the technique of Dementia has evolved, adopting the line as the characteristic component of his works, which he”delimits and at the same time creates”. Through the exploration of the human form and its relationship with the environment in which we find ourselves today, Dementia explores the limits of madness, to abstract the most organic from the mind. The colours and textures present in his work evoke a permanent dialogue between man and nature through time. Trained as a graphic designer by the Universidad del Valle de México in the city of Querétaro, Lilian is constantly learning new techniques in workshops given by different artists.

FRIDA & CATRINA 2015 . Girona, SPAIN. Via Facebook Demencia Beivide ARTE.

As a multidisciplinary artist she has participated in urban art and industrial design projects, as well as different artistic applications such as illustration and ceramics, inviting her viewers to reflect on themes such as identity and time. Among her most characteristic works are the ceramic skulls, or as she calls them,”crazy flowerpots”, which, in addition to serving as life support for any type of plant, are inspired by the Aztec culture where the skull represented a symbol of eternity and resurrection. Demencia creates this skull-shaped work to reinforce and spread pre-Hispanic symbolism,”personalizing lives with Mexican design and folklore. Thus Lilian demonstrates that art should not be limited by the medium in which it is transmitted, since, as Dementia herself mentions on her website, she paints on any surface.

Maceteros Dementes. Vía Facebook Demencia Beivide ARTE.

Demencia Beivide has become a renowned plastic artist in the national scene participating in events such as the 20th Anniversary of the Museum of the City of Queretaro, the International Jazz Festival of San Miguel de Allende and the fair URVANITY ART 2018 in the Spa Gallery of Madrid. This year he will join the group of national and international artists that will be part of the international festival SeaWalls: Water Is One, a new edition of the SeaWalls: Artists for Oceans program produced by Nueve Arte Urbano and the PangeaSeed Foundation, to be held from March 27 to April 15 of this year in the city of Queretaro.

Railway Museum, San Marcos Fair Aguascalientes. Special guest Queretaro Vía Facebook Demencia Beivide ARTE.

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