The Story So Far

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Nueve Arte Urbano was born from INCUSA S. A. DE CV, an integrally responsible company made up of a chain of distributors of Osel paints that has been awarded with several important recognitions, among them; The Award for Business Merit 2012 and the Querétaro Award for Quality 2002. It is also the only organization in the country that has won the Osel Gold Medal for best distributor twice.

Nueve Arte Urbano is a platform for emerging visual artists to participate in and contribute to the cultural life of the city of Querétaro, through festivals, paintings, pictorial exhibitions and other creative activation dynamics, inviting artists from popular neighborhoods to beautify their surroundings, promoting the professional career of new artists and helping them to spread their work.

This platform has grown considerably since its conception in 2010 with the first graffiti contest held to commemorate the bicentenary of Mexican independence, later in 2012, with the first “Nueve Arte Urbano” festival, and in 2013 with the second edition of the said festival.

Nueve Arte Urbano has worked as a sponsor and logistical platform for multiple graphic intervention projects, inside and outside the city of Querétaro, such as the Boarddripper Festival, the MUSA project, the Iberian Contemporary Festival, Cut Out Fest, Photo Fest, the Tomate Collective, the graphic intervention of Anahuacalli and many more.

In 2014, Nueve joined forces with the Municipality of Querétaro and the Institute of Culture of the Municipality of Querétaro, to produce the muralist production of a sample that was withdrawn throughout the city and beyond, growing in influence and enabling community dialogue, with an inclusive vision and guided by a philosophy that seeks to transcend in a positive way; the result until January 2015 is 313 murals distributed in the city of Querétaro and the Institute of Culture of the Municipality of Querétaro.

These murals have been created thanks to the support of 264 young artists who donated their talent to the neighbors who have supported the project, impacting more than 111,000 inhabitants with great acceptance among the general population. According to a study carried out by GLIDE, an expert research company. 70% of those surveyed in the colonies where Nueve Arte Urbano has intervened believe that murals help to make their citizenship happier. Likewise, each of our campaigns has achieved strong media coverage and follow up.

Currently Nueve Arte Urbano has finished its tour of art and painting by the delegations with the dimension nine campaign in Historic Center, Epigmenio González and Josefa Vergara leaving a total of 99 murals in which 93 artists participated that generated a positive impact on the lives of the neighborhoods of the colony: San Francisco, Niño Héroes, Alamos second section and Desarrollo San Pablo to mention a few.

However, our ultimate purpose is not to paint murals or sell paintings; our ultimate purpose is to achieve a city where we can all live better together. Since we recognize that the murals are not ours, the walls are not ours, the talent is not ours.

Nine and Incusa-Osel work to collaborate with the donation of a peace offering for the great city as we did 20 years ago when Querétaro received us prodigal in challenges and opportunities.

All roads are finite, but for each run that ends a new cycle begins. Today we conclude the Dimension nine campaign, the tour of Querétaro and also inaugurate the exhibition Thresholds Perceptivos.

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