Paola Delfín

“””Among all the natural phenomena that are linked to water, rain is probably the most emblematic and significant for the human species. Like the rain that is sometimes heavy and sometimes light, Paola Delfín moved nonstop for 13 days on the dome of Focault’s pendulum to invoke with her painting the Tláloc Zapoteca: Pitao Cosijo. His rain deity raises a glance to heaven, a pair of hands hold a heart, as delicate as Paola’s stroke, symbolizing the gift of life, while a waterfall flows reminding us of the connection between water, life and the offering that in return we human beings make with our work. A third eye awakens on the forehead of the deity, looking at the truth of things, and at its side ornamental plants bloom in a monumental work that makes the heart beat.

The Relationship between Paola and Cosijo, describes an intimate romance between an artist and her work, created under the scorching Queretaro sun, during 13 long days of work. While Paola initially confessed to underestimating the structure, like the rain soaking through a desert, the work of the Capitalina filled the structure to the brim to bathe the north face of the festival’s emblematic Water is One dome. The work is a monumental work of art that invites us to remember the roots of Mexicans and the care of water as a catalyst for life. The piece also stands out for the way in which it took the author out of her comfort zone, leaving the delicate lines of the female figure briefly to address the roughness of a stone god that seems to be carved on the stone of the Dome and whose heart resounds in the sky with lightning. Behind this northern wall, at the southern end of the dome, Curiot Tlapazotl paints the consort of Tlaloc, the female deity Chalchiuhtlicue with whom he begins a dance of life, love and prosperity.”

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