Open Call The Water Is One


Before murals, pints, cuts, sprays and fences. Before the streets, traffic, buildings, granite and houses. Before civilizations, countries, people and land there was water. The immense and balanced ocean that sheltered the Pangea, the unified continent, has seeped into every corner of the world and continues to be a single water that day after day gives the inhabitants of the earth the gift of life.

Water is everywhere; it disappears from dry soils, evaporates in our perspiration and feeds clouds, rivers and seas. From the light breeze in the dryness of the desert, to the blackness of the deepest abyss, water is always present, water is always there; water is one.

For contemporary societies, so complex and full of challenges, water represents one of the fundamental issues on the agenda to be addressed, sought and conserved. Today water needs us. This is a call to artists who want to change the world, what they want to give away a message in concrete canvas of the city. Here the transgraphers paint because Water is one.

El Agua es Una, is an intercultural festival of public art, organized by Nueve Arte Urbano and Seawalls: artist for the Oceans of the Pangea Seed Foundation, to be held in the city of Querétaro, in the heart of Mexico and whose purpose is to generate messages that remind mankind that the oceans and water must be saved.

We are looking for art that sublime ideas and condenses proposals to preserve the water resources of Querétaro, Mexico and the World.

Water is one, it invites all transgrafiteros artists to join the torrent of creators that will serve as a preamble to the festival in the main neighborhoods of Queretaro.


Participants: Individual or group participants may register to participate in this call for entries from January 23rd to February 16th, 2018. All interested seniors who develop urban art and who wish to put on the walls proposals that express a visual discourse that complies with the themes and symbols proposed in the manifesto water is one (link) and fill out the following form including the portfolio of the interested artist.

Technique: All murals must contain pictorial proposals that are feasible with the materials provided by INCUSA stores. In case of requiring any special material that is not inside the stores, the participant must provide it and absorb the expenses that such material may generate.

Note: Only packets of documents that are complete will be evaluated, NO DOCUMENT WILL BE RECEIVED BY ANY OTHER MEANS, i. e. not sent via Facebook inbox, private mail or private message. In case the selected artist is a foreigner from the city of Querétaro, the per diem expenses will be paid by the artist.

Registration: To participate, fill out the following form; any incomplete registration (without portfolio), will be rejected without exception.

IMPORTANT: The portfolios will be evaluated by a jury made up of specialists and their decision will be final.


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