“Cultural Freedom is the ability of people to define their own identity and evaluate their individual culture. The exploration of Noségo, an artist from Philadelphia, led him to paint on his wall Oshun, the African deity (Yoruba) of love and fresh water, which in Cuba is synthesized in the Virgin of Charity of Copper. In her Sunbathing Mural, an African woman comes out of the water and raises her hands to create a spell of light and love, a creation that will produce other creations. Life illuminates with the power of the fresh waters, refreshes with its sweet protection and speaks of an act of love for nature.

Nosego’s mural is a testimony of the life of a person who lives in the small moments. When his elongated hand and strong arm hold a brush, the artist finds himself working on a work more than just performing a beautiful soliloquy in the symphony of his life, rarely can such freedom be appreciated in the stroke, perhaps that is why the smile on Oshún’s face is serene and cheerful, showing that his author was truly free within his painting.”


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