Curiot Tlapazotl

“Enigmatic and captivating, Curiot Tlapazotl’s mural shows a composition in which a bulbous window stands out that functions as a doorway into a three-dimensional space inside the dome, in which a toroidal fountain of life unfolds that is born from the navel of a parturient female figure. The toroid, also known as the three-dimensional curve, generates the illusion of being an interior space, a glimpse into the secrets that the dome hides. In the intimacy of the room built by the Michoacan artist we see Chalchiuhtlicue, the pre-Hispanic deity of fertility, love and fresh water, consort of Tlaloc, god of atmospheric waters. It floats on the air while from its belly are born the rivers and streams that feed the lakes and seas and flood the room showing the love of nature for all living creatures. Composed with the colors of the Keretano sunset, this mural dances from the south with the piece by Paola Delfín in the north of the dome. Thus we have Chalchuhitlicue and Cosijo-Tláloc, linked from north to south, one concave and the other convex, in a creative axis where both pre-Hispanic metaphors of mystery meet once more, after centuries, to speak to the people about life, water, roots and unity.

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