within a stroke and in the universe, everything begins with a fragment of something in space. In the case of Nueve Arte Urbano the set of points forms a constellation that beats strongly and makes everything possible, the following are thoughts and reflections on the heart of Nueve, our friends and artists to whom we will always be grateful, they are not all with whom we have collaborated and we hope that this is the beginning of an infinite list.

PS (we will be adding as time goes by, as the murals bloom).


One of the indexes that are evaluated after a campaign of nine urban art is that of happiness, this refers to the sensation that a piece gives in relation to the impact on the state of mind that it produces in an individual and collective way to a space, We were not surprised when the index of happiness where Sens worked had shot up, his art has such an honest and strong way of transporting us to an idyllic place that they give off a sweet aroma and relax the pupil. It’s quite simple: there’s joy in those walls.

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