Partially inspired by two manifestos written by Siqueiros, and signed in its first version by Rivera and Orozco among others, the first one published in Mexico in the magazine «El Machete» of June 1924 and the second one in Buenos Aires, in the newspaper «Crítica» of June 1933.

Artists, graffiti writers, producers, governments and citizens: We are working all over the world to promote a movement of monumental plastic arts for the streets and cities, creating large-format symbolic pieces in community spaces where artists, graffiti writers, producers, governments and citizens come together.

urre the traffic of the public, making them an element of cultural catalyst, towards happiness.

We define Culture as the web of meanings and symbols that connect individuals to each other and to society. We therefore give transgraphic muralism the purpose of catalyzing culture, through urban art, towards collective well-being, prosperity, peace and happiness, which we define as «the desire to smile». We advocate the integration of different cultures, micro-cultures, ethnicities and individualities into a human swarm of fractal composition and intercultural wisdom, recognizing their natural capacity for self-organization, between order and chaos.

We seek that each creative act, in each project, always comply with four simultaneous results: environmental, social, cultural and economic. We involve the apprentice in every step of the creative process, linking experience with theoretical teaching. We integrate the individual artist into collective procedures, swarm intelligence and fractal organization. We take advantage of any technological advance, using contemporary materials and tools, to bring the power of cultural symbol to urban art: from the collective mind to the wall and from there to the digital world, to reach global audiences. We use virtual reality and artificial intelligence to explore the new boundaries of human experience, but always linking ultramodern work with ancestral ethnic traditions and social ideals. We act to strengthen the health of our ecosystems by promoting awareness of unity and respect for Nature. We support ourselves autonomously through social entrepreneurship and respect for the law.

We understand that creativity has a purpose, that in health is aligned with the purpose of life, towards individual and collective well-being. In today’s world there are millions of young people who express themselves through painting, creating and writing on walls, developing talents and visions, influencing society through symbolism, daring and respect for their own convictions. They begin by writing their name to identify themselves with their space and we call them graffiti artists. They grow, accumulate knowledge, embark on a transpersonal path that inspires them to change, to paint metaphors, to cross borders, and we now call them transgraphers. They discover that their personal or transpersonal creation influences the street and neighborhood culture. They become an urban transcript of the shaman; producing street spells. They are potentially the cultural leaders of the neighborhood. This swarm of young people, never imagined by Siqueiros, is today the embodiment of the purpose of plastic creativity: to create a better world.  This is Transgraffiti.

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