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When Mexico was immersed in the chaos of the 19th century, the Lagunero Spirit rose up high to give strength to the Mexicans and remind us of what we are made of. From August 16 to September 8,2017, the Mexican semi-desert witnessed a colorful celebration that transformed the forgotten spaces of Torreón’s heart into artistic pieces that, beyond transforming the urban horizon of the city, rescue elements of the region’s cultural history and reflect on the symbols that build the lagoon’s identity. In Nueve Arte Urbano and Pinturas Osel de la Laguna we are happy to share with you the result of extensive work days that culminated in the inauguration of the region’s first mural corridor; Paseo Morelos was dressed with 30 murals by 30 national artists that brought a touch of renovation to La Comarca. Each raised scaffold and each drop of paint, helped reinforce the sense of belonging of the lagoons, who, through their artistic manifestations, connected with the entire national territory so that the heart of Mexico beats strongly once again.

This was Rex: Noas Land.

Video: @yoshi travel films

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