The equinox and balance.

By Ricardo Quezada.

On March 20 at 10:15 the spring equinox was held, dividing the day exactly into two equal parts. While this natural movement of the earth invites hundreds of people to visit archaeological sites or natural wonders, it also offers an opportune moment for in-depth analysis and reflection on the balance.


Mural de Diego rivera, un águila y bajo ella la conquista armada de los españoles

Millions of years ago, the earth was a single landmass united and in balance with nature and water; today humanity faces the greatest problem since its inception, that of recovering the balance that has allowed life on earth. Under this mission, associations, foundations, associations, collectives and society in general have taken to the streets to put the issue into the mouth through artivism and other actions that seek to preserve natural resources, care for flora and fauna, and the search for equality between people regardless of race, sex, belief system or origin.

Mural de Diego rivera, un águila y bajo ella la conquista armada de los españoles

As in ancient Mexico, duality has always been a fundamental theme: day and night, life and death, or the four elements, are tangible manifestations of the natural order of things, but above all of the balance that governs the world; the equinox, with its twelve-hour day and night, also symbolizes an opportunity to open up thought in a year that seems politically and socially complex. For ordinary people, who contemplate and live with artistic manifestations, commitment is optional but fundamentally necessary to achieve a collective dream.

Beyond the contemplation of the artistic manifestations characteristic of urban art, it is of vital importance to balance and calibrate the reality that the inhabitants of the world understand our role in our society, in its care and in the preservation of resources, under this slogan the mission of artivism is centered if in generating art, but above all in generating change, not only at an ecological level, but in all the spheres that make up society and culture, unleashing integral actions that allow each citizen to contribute to the flourishing of a new nation in harmony where balance, equal rights, obligations, security and opportunities, the preservation of natural resources and the recognition of historical knowledge are proliferating, in order to lead to the creation of a prosperous future, as the Mexican spring has naturally been for millions of years.

Tunas en nopal de Rivera
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