Renata Martinez & Aaron Glasson

In collaboration and within the main altarpiece, Renata Martínez and Aaron Glasson also developed an altarpiece. In it they tell the story of thirst and the absence of water. On the far right, Macedonia Blas Flores, the indigenous woman and human rights defender who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, holds a jug of water with the attributes of Tlaloc. Behind him, a man with Spanish features holds another jar that has been broken by an indigenous boy to take advantage of his runoff and feed a garden.

The mural covers different topics such as water pollution, marine fauna affected by contaminated water, difficulties in getting water to the house, floods and droughts. Also at the bottom center of the composition, a piece by Renata shows the desperation in the form of a person trying to drink from a bottle so that the bottle seems to be drinking from it. On the far left and beyond the parking lot wall, the artists depict a masculine face that peeks under the surface of the water to look at the garbage, including a Spanish conqueror’s helmet. Next to it is the message “plastic is toxic”, inside a pet bottle, in the hand of a skeleton…

At the center of the mural, two stone figures symbolize nature and the creation of man, in a reflection that tells us that both the idol and the stone are of the same material, so why not preserve nature in the same way that the work of man is preserved?

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