The X familia paints in Tlateloco with the Transmuta

Por José María Noriega, fotos de Ed Arcane.  Arte de la X familia para el festival transmuta.
Ciudad de México, Enero 2018.

Tlatelolco, melting pot of culture, memory and stories drowned in time. Surrounded by imposing multi-family houses eroded by time and monuments that denounce a history written in blood, the X Familia grouped together on one side of the Veracruz building to create a monumental work. After having repaired his concrete canvas, the crew put together brushes and cans to challenge the heights of Mexico City and give the neighbors of Tlatelolco a new manifestation of identity, expressed through the colors and textures that emanate from the minds of its members. Years of travelling through cities together, leaving a mark on the walls of Mexico, the X Familia, with unity and fraternity as the main engines, and faithful to the school that saw the birth of its first lines, the collective reflected in the verticality of the multifamiliar a reminder of the polysemic structure that composes the Mexican. While Quetzalcoatl’s feathers cover the cracks caused by the cataclysms of the past, the Feathered Serpent ascends through the Veracruz floors to guide Mexicans in their reconnection with nature. Thanks to the X Familia, an example of true camaraderie, for the endurance, the good vibe and the tireless struggle that exalts and dignifies Mexican art.


That’s how Tlatelolco is painted, that’s how Mexico is painted!

Mural made for the Transmuta Festival.

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