La Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro e Incusa/Nueve Arte Urbano together for the water.

Staff Nueve Arte Urbano.

With the Festival El Agua Es Una just a few days before the start of its activities, Dr. Tere García Besné, Dr. Alejandro Váquez and Dr. Raul Pineda from the Autonomous University of Querétaro together with Mr. José Luis Pineda, the Director of the University of Querétaro, and Mr. José Luis de la Vega, the Director of the Festival, will be in charge of the event. Edgar Sánchez, Director of Incusa/Nine Urban Art, addressed the problems of water resources in the State and the city at a press conference and launched the Permanent Seminar on interdisciplinary water studies.

Dr. Raúl Pineda

“We all make decisions about water and are not aware of them, in some places like the countryside we relate water as a value while in the city we see it as a resource, this implies a challenge in modifying what we think about water.

Raul Pineda.

This project seeks to create spaces that allow for the study, participation and prevention of all citizens in water issues. Under this premise, Nueve Arte Urbano will contribute to the visualization model in Querétaro by creating murals to explore and transmit ideas about the liquid. The seminar will start on March 22nd, World Water Day in the auditorium of Campús Airport, while the second session will be held on April 20th.

Dra. Tere García Besné de Vinculación Académica UAQ.

Every month, the themes related to water will be updated during the rest of the year in a cooperation between researchers, professors and citizens to generate a global awareness about water. Under this premise, Nueve Arte Urbano joins with all its artistic capacity to create murals that allow the citizens of Queretaro to always keep in mind the ideals of environmental care and the discovery of alternatives for the preservation of water and therefore of life.

“Humanity must be united by water.”

Edgar Sanchez.

The activities of the Water is One festival will formally begin in gallery 1 of the CECEQ on March 27th while the permanent seminar of interdisciplinary water studies will begin on March 22nd and so on every month for the rest of the year.

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