During the last days of the festival, the group of artists was strengthened with the collaboration of more artists. This caused the painting to conjure up marine fauna at the far end of the art metawork, with a very particular style, typical of graffiti techniques, Tmuz’s work fights for the preservation of marine species, while advocating controlled consumption and life in freedom. Saúl Torbe and Paola Delfín joined him to leave a last breath of urban art on the walls of CECEQ.

Water is One Murals Sh11na

Sh11na por Yoshi Travel
Sh11na por Yoshi Travel

Art is the common language of all humankind. Sh11na from Japan joined the affluent that generated the festival, the eastern end of the cultural complex. His piece addresses the human need to survive from the liquid and the explosion of vitality it contains.

Sh11na por Yoshi Travel
Sh11na por Yoshi Travel

The X in XFamilia.

By Ricardo Quezada.

Citius, altius, fortius, translated literally as stronger, higher and faster is the motto of Olympism and condenses the qualities that human beings aspire to refer to sport. For those who practice graffiti exercise, the Olympic notions are not a doctrine, they are a daily experience of life. Stronger art, higher walls and faster pints are the fundamental pillars that created the X famila

“A collective must be multidisciplinary, graffiti, stencil, roller, brush, documentary filmmakers and to some extent that makes a crew better composed”.  Frank.

XFamilia en Tlatelolco 1 for Transmuta Festival Foto de Eddgar Arcane.

In a country where art is perceived as a tool for demographic segmentation, public art represents one of the strongest forms of democratization of artistic expression. Under this motto, the members of the X familia create and have painted with a strong national identity message, creating with a discourse of aerosols and brushes pieces that seek to remove the passer-by from the urban monotony, throwing a stimulating cocktail of colors that due to the complexity and proportions becomes part of the urban iconography, as demonstrated by his piece Tlazokamatli in Tlatelolco for the Transmuta Festival.

Born of affinity and the desire to paint larger and larger walls, the X famila was formed unofficially Circa 2008 at some point on the map between Torreón and Tlaxcala, when the Mexican graffiti scene was in its original stage and the “super-events” and “expos” that celebrated a crew in a city were the bread and butter of every week; In this way, the tips were aligned until the original Xtreme Crew, a crew that wanted to paint monumental and extreme pints, coincided with the generation of the original Xtreme Crew, but faced with the need to find a meaning that would connect with each of its members and disavow the American ideals of the nickname Xtreme, Atler AKA the Satanic conceived the idea of X as the perfect cross of equilibrium: up, down, left and right, having the family as a natural consequence of the brotherhood of people who have been managing an identity style for years and above all sharing life as a family, as an X famila.

Boceto Tlatelolco Foto Eddgar Arcane.

Descendants of an urban style that is not satisfied with the graffiti flush with the floor, the monumental work of the X familia has found in its fundamental differentiator, the macro format, the capacity to transcend and break the ephemeral nature of traditional graffiti creating a discourse of the street, for the street and with the street, where the game of interpreting signs and the massive valuation of the pieces in a public gallery is generated.

Graffiti is not street art, it is something unique, unclassifiable and its illegality is innate, but in recent years it has become a public manifestation of a scene that was invisible to other citizens and which, by inserting itself in the artistic circuit, swings in and out of the legal margins to generate Street art and it is at this point where work, more than a complication, is a way of living or surviving.

Rappel tlatelolco 2Festival transmuta Foto Eddgar Arcane

Beyond the urban romanticism that seeks to reflect the circuit of world street art where the pints appear on Facebook and Instagram and enhance the artistic or discursive quality, the creators, many initiated as graffiti artists, seek to dignify the craft and establish a stage with better opportunities yes, but with greater respect and humanity.

“The worst thing about the national urban art scene is the way some managers turn around and stop being human, that is, they see you and your talent as merchandise. That happens a lot with urban art and graffiti think that by giving you a support you can say artists, it seems that they think you paint and you don’t get tired, this is not a hobby is a lifestyle”.

Frank and Leba.

Xfamilia en Querétaro 1 Foto Eddgar Arcane

With their respective ups and downs, the members of the X familia, some of them married and with children, see in the new generations an opportunity to recover the way in which the paintings were generated: painting without waiting for them to be invited, taking initiative and, above all, believing that there is no wall that cannot be overcome in unity with your friends.

“Gather your things, your friends and paint. It is not a question of self-management, but of graffiti at heart, of the street, in which the Sunday pints are painted for example “.  Frank.

Xfamilia en Querétaro 3 Foto de Eddgar Arcane

In the street there are codes and adagios that in one way or another normalize graffiti and in the same way the union of artists with managers seeks to create the union. The collaboration of Nueve Arte Urbano and X familia has managed to generate brotherhood between its people, becoming evident when the piece is finished in time and form, as if it were a gift for the city.

Detalle Xfamilia en Querétaro 3 Foto de Eddgar Arcane

The future is full of murals, aerosols and paint for the X familia, a balance between colors, scaffolding, lifts, tips, family, friends and personal development, but before seeing the future Leba, Dark, Seckir and Frank look back and while they remember a little nostalgic and a little bit remorseful not to have started before and with more strength, and remember that in the X familia, a balance between colors, scaffolding, lifts, tips, family, friends and personal development.

Xfamilia en Querétaro Aerea 2 Foto de Eddgar Arcane

The X familia started with the series of murals Afluente that makes paintings in the perimeter of the Cultural Center of the State Manuel Gómez Morín, where it will take place The Festival the Water is One with the piece “Al Vibrar de la danza” on Pasteur Avenue, Frank writes about it:

“Holy Cross you salute with a glow to the four primary axes
the result of communion between the sun and the moon
dance that unifies man with the cosmos
generating harmony and balance by vibrating your feet
like butterfly fluttering being free
life-giving seed
yoyotl that resonate one by one
resembling the fall of raindrops
Universal water transmitter that purifies
and give life to our existence.”

Xfamilia en Querétaro 5 Foto de Eddgar Arcane

In a multi-diverse country, the 13 brothers from eight different states that make up the X famillia will continue to create murals that seek to highlight in a real and profound way the national identity in order to generate a nation in contact with its pride, aware that it is capable of transcending and overcoming its challenges. Always in union, always in collective, his work reminds us that in Mexico the X is of family.

Nueve Arte Urbano and the Pangea Seed Foundation create the Festival “Water is One” in Querétaro.




Sea Walls –Water Is one

The Intercultural Festival of Muralism on Water, Life and Unity, from March 30 to April 8, 2018, in Querétaro, Mexico.

Behind Nine Urban Art is a dream: the power of small, responsible organizations to change Mexico and the world. Born from a small company that evolved as an organization that seeks total responsibility, Nueve is a Mexican platform for the production of murals, the development of Mexican talent and the transformation of society through culture.

Through an alliance with the Pangea Seed Foundation, based in Hawaii and the creator of the Sea Walls – Artists for Oceans Festival, the artists, curators and producers of Nueve have managed to create a unique piece in the world. Considering its curatorship, the cause it defends, its level of quality and its extraordinary combination with the architectural work, the altarpiece of “Water is One” is the most extraordinary work of urban art in the world today.

“Water Is One” consists of the creation of a monumental “Altarpiece” or “meta-work of art” on the dome of Foucault’s pendulum at the CECEQ, with 3,000 square meters of murals, composed of 21 pieces developed by 33 artists and producers, tackling a single theme under the curatorial line of “Water Is One”.

The altarpiece was created with different artistic styles including hyperrealism, illustration, organic exploration, metaphysics, graffiti, classical muralism and Transpersonal Graffiti Muralism or “Transgrafiti”. The participation of some of the most important exponents of urban art at the local, national and international levels stands out, among which are: Aaron Glasson from New Zealand, Jason Botkin from Canada, Nosego from the United States, Mantra from France, Sänk from Estonia and a large group of Mexican talents with: Sermob, Goal, Ryper, Renata Martínez, Demencia Beivide, Saúl Torbe, Miguel Valiñas, Smithe, Curiot Tlapazotl, Paola Delfín, Pogo, Tmuz, Atole Parra, Tmuz, the Xfamily and Benuz Guerrero.

This monumental milestone in the history of urban art was created as a gift to the peoples of Queretaro, Mexico and the world, and its legacy will endure for posterity in an investment that represents two million pesos of private capital provided by Incusa, winner of the National Quality Award 2016, through its artistic platform Nueve Arte Urbano.

In an act of generosity and love for humanity, all the participating artists donated their time, talent and love to dialogue with the world about the challenges facing human survival in the face of the challenges of water, garbage, overconsumption and the exploitation of Mother Earth.

This Festival represents a central point in the work of Nueve Arte Urbano in the streets of Querétaro for eight years and whose genesis was presented during the administration of Francisco Domínguez Servién as Mayor of the city, through Paulina Aguado and the Municipal Institute of Culture of Querétaro, during the festivities of the bicentennial of Mexico’s independence.

This meta-artwork was executed between March 27 and April 15, 2018 and seeks to spread its message to the whole world.

All the artists and producers who collaborate in this offering of the people to the people, we respectfully ask our authorities to grant us the protection of this work, the landscaping of the space where it is located and the installation of benches and a museography that honor the relevance of the cultural process that for eight years has embellished and empowered our city, our country and the world. Likewise, Nueve Arte Urbano is committed to renovating at least four murals of the altarpiece every 3 years.”

The Pangea Seed Foundation and Nueve Arte Urbano create the “Water Is One” Festival in Querétaro.

The Pangea Seed Foundation and Nueve Arte Urbano create the Festival “El Agua Es Una” in Querétaro.

The Intercultural Festival “El Agua es Una” is possible thanks to the invaluable support of the Executive Branch of the State of Queretaro, which, through the Ministry of Education, has facilitated the intervention of a public space within the facilities of the Educational and Cultural Center of the State of Querétaro “Manuel Gómez Morin”, by awarding the dome of the Foucault Pendulum to be the Macromural site that will promote the main message of safeguarding the oceans and water in a special edition of the Sea Walls program: Artists for Oceans by the Pangeaseed Foundation in Co-production with Nueve Arte Urbano and Incusa. The Autonomous University of Querétaro, the Colegio de Bachilleres de Querétaro and the State Water Commission of Querétaro participate, contribute and facilitate the academic and technical support within this great project of joint work with the private initiative in benefit of Querétaro, Mexico and the world.

Through Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans, a pioneer in public art, we seek to translate environmental themes and solutions into visual stories that engage the public, to increase awareness of the value and challenges faced by water resources primarily in Querétaro.

The Intercultural Festival “Water is One” aims to highlight the importance of water resources through art and activism (ARTivism), involving a wide audience in these critical issues and fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility, by exploring solutions to challenges such as water waste, plastic pollution and wastewater management.

All water bodies are connected in time; hydrologists call this: the water cycle. To protect the oceans, we must take care of rivers, streams, groundwater systems, household consumption and drainage, even our own cup of coffee. Because water is one.

Manifesto The Water Is One.

The Intercultural Festival “Water is One” will run from March 27 to April 15 with the participation of 16 local, national and international artists to intervene more than 3,000mts2 coordinated by Incusa through Nueve Arte Urbano in co-production with Fundación Pangeaseed.

During the festival we will participate in round tables, conferences, art exhibitions, music, dance, among others, with the aim of empowering people and their communities to create significant environmental change through “ARTivism”, education and science.

PangeaSeed synthesizes creative expression, nature and society; to reconnect with the most important ecosystem of our planet and cradle of life: the oceans. This synthesis is fully expressed with the concept that they propose as “ARTivism”; a marriage between art and activism.

Foto Yoshi Travel

Nine Urban Art
Nueve is born from Incusa, a wholesale painting company, as an initiative of social bonding through cultural methodologies based on urban art with emerging artists, all working for a common purpose: The power of conscious organizations to save the world, with integral responsibility through projects that can establish links with society, the indigenous community and public art.

All water bodies are connected in time; hydrologists call this: the water cycle. To protect the oceans, we must take care of rivers, streams, groundwater systems, household consumption and drainage, even our own cup of coffee. Because water is one.

Manifesto The Water Is One.

PangeaSeed Foundation
The PangeaSeed Foundation is an international nonprofit organization based in Hawaii, which focuses on the intersection of culture and environmentalism to promote the conservation of our oceans. Its mission is to empower individuals and communities to create significant environmental change for the oceans through ARTIVISM, the perfect synergy between art and activism, designed to educate and raise public awareness of critical environment

Foto Yoshi Travel

Querétaro as a melting pot of artivism.
The history of Querétaro begins with a spring known as “El Pinito”,”Socavones” and “Alberca El Capulín”; These waters marked the place of settlement of the first settlers Ñhañhö and these same waters were the cornerstone of the city’s growth and erection of figures such as the aqueduct of the city, which symbolizes the challenge facing humanity to survive without depriving another community of liquid. There is a legend Ñhañhö that reads:”There is a spirit in spring, we call it El Chan; who will take the water from the spring when humans fight for it”. Spring is dry today. Our water is running out as the city grows rapidly, which has meant that, in order to meet the growing demand for water resources, water has to be transported from Hidalgo, where disadvantaged communities are themselves deprived of their own resources.

This festival aims to highlight the importance of water resources through art and activism (ARTivism), involving a wide audience in these critical issues and fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility by exploring solutions to challenges such as water waste, plastic pollution and wastewater management.

Join us on March 27th at the press conference that will mark the opening of the festival.


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