Join The Water is one

Join The Water is one

In ancient times all continents were united in what we know as Pangea; a single continental mass surrounded by a single ocean. Thanks to the balanced interaction between the Sun and Earth, now and forever, water has been everywhere feeding rains, rivers and seas. Agua es Una is an intercultural festival of public art that carries the message of saving the oceans and water to the streets of Querétaro in a special edition of the program Muros del Mar: Artistas por los Océanos by Fundación Pangeaseed. Through this pioneering festival in public art, we seek to translate these pressing environmental issues and solutions into visual stories that engage the public to raise awareness of the value and challenges facing water resources in Querétaro, Mexico and the world.

The festival will take place from 30 March to 15 April 2018 at the Centro Educativo y Cultural del Estado de Querétaro (CECEQ)”Manuel Gómez Morín”. The program includes mural painting, for which the CECEQ’s “El Pendulo” building is contemplated, with the participation of 8 Mexican and 8 international artists, covering a total of 3000 in the site. In addition, parallel events will include round tables and film screenings.

Join the volunteer program “Water is One”.

Why CECEQ and Querétaro?

The CECEQ is a vital institution for the formation and recreation of the population of Querétaro and its surroundings, since it has more than 60 multidisciplinary spaces for workshops, conferences, exhibitions, cinema cycles, plays, classes or all kinds of activities. The institution has a privileged location on Avenida Constituyentes corner with Luis Pasteur, in the heart of the city. It is estimated that the monthly average receives 100 thousand visitors of all ages. In addition, it has significant media coverage with coverage in local radio, television, print and electronic media.

Querétaro, on the other hand, is the center of Mexico: a gateway to the semi-arid northern plateau, a crossroads for commerce and the country’s ancient capital. The history of Querétaro begins with a spring known as “El Pinito”,”Socavones” and “Alberca El Capulín”; these waters marked the settlement of the Ñhañhö families, headed by Conín in 1521. These same waters gave rise to the construction of the aqueduct, the city’s most emblematic monument, in 1738; in 1838 they also gave rise to the settlement of the city’s first factory in Hercules.

There is a legend Ñhañhö that says:”There is a spirit in spring, we call it El Chan; who will take the water from the spring when humans fight for it”. Spring is dry today. Our water is becoming depleted as it grows rapidly, which has meant that to meet the growing demand for water resources, water has to be transported from Hidalgo, where disadvantaged communities in turn are deprived of their own resources.

This festival aims to highlight the importance of water resources through art and activism (ARTivism), engaging a broad audience on these critical issues and fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility in exploring solutions to challenges such as water waste, plastic pollution and wastewater management.

Nine Urban Art

Nueve is born from Incusa, a wholesale painting company, as an initiative of social bonding through cultural methodologies based on urban art with emerging artists, all working for a common purpose: The power of conscious organizations to save the world, with integral responsibility through projects that can establish links with society, the indigenous community and public art. For Nine, cultures are not established; they evolve when social agreement changes. In that sense, art and science are key to exploring new social agreements and changing culture. Therefore, Nueve makes the research, production and communication of symbols, portrayed on walls and public spaces, change reality by gently touching the social fabric through culture in a sustainable way.

PangeaSeed Foundation

The PangeaSeed Foundation is an international, non-profit organization based in Hawaii that focuses on the intersection of culture and environmentalism to promote the conservation of our oceans. Its mission is to empower individuals and communities to create significant environmental change for the oceans through ARTIVISM, the perfect synergy between art and activism, designed to educate and raise public awareness of critical en

Open Call The Water Is One


Before murals, pints, cuts, sprays and fences. Before the streets, traffic, buildings, granite and houses. Before civilizations, countries, people and land there was water. The immense and balanced ocean that sheltered the Pangea, the unified continent, has seeped into every corner of the world and continues to be a single water that day after day gives the inhabitants of the earth the gift of life.

Water is everywhere; it disappears from dry soils, evaporates in our perspiration and feeds clouds, rivers and seas. From the light breeze in the dryness of the desert, to the blackness of the deepest abyss, water is always present, water is always there; water is one.

For contemporary societies, so complex and full of challenges, water represents one of the fundamental issues on the agenda to be addressed, sought and conserved. Today water needs us. This is a call to artists who want to change the world, what they want to give away a message in concrete canvas of the city. Here the transgraphers paint because Water is one.

El Agua es Una, is an intercultural festival of public art, organized by Nueve Arte Urbano and Seawalls: artist for the Oceans of the Pangea Seed Foundation, to be held in the city of Querétaro, in the heart of Mexico and whose purpose is to generate messages that remind mankind that the oceans and water must be saved.

We are looking for art that sublime ideas and condenses proposals to preserve the water resources of Querétaro, Mexico and the World.

Water is one, it invites all transgrafiteros artists to join the torrent of creators that will serve as a preamble to the festival in the main neighborhoods of Queretaro.


Participants: Individual or group participants may register to participate in this call for entries from January 23rd to February 16th, 2018. All interested seniors who develop urban art and who wish to put on the walls proposals that express a visual discourse that complies with the themes and symbols proposed in the manifesto water is one (link) and fill out the following form including the portfolio of the interested artist.

Technique: All murals must contain pictorial proposals that are feasible with the materials provided by INCUSA stores. In case of requiring any special material that is not inside the stores, the participant must provide it and absorb the expenses that such material may generate.

Note: Only packets of documents that are complete will be evaluated, NO DOCUMENT WILL BE RECEIVED BY ANY OTHER MEANS, i. e. not sent via Facebook inbox, private mail or private message. In case the selected artist is a foreigner from the city of Querétaro, the per diem expenses will be paid by the artist.

Registration: To participate, fill out the following form; any incomplete registration (without portfolio), will be rejected without exception.

IMPORTANT: The portfolios will be evaluated by a jury made up of specialists and their decision will be final.