Aaron Glasson, the interdimensional traveler.

By Ricardo Quezada.

Aaron Glasson en Mextonia PC: YoshiTravel

They say that the fluttering of a butterfly is enough to cause a hurricane on the other side of the ocean, this idea coming from the chaos theory is frightening and irremediably beautiful. Within the complexity and grandeur of the universe, we as humanity are a particle within an immensity but, as they draw ever closer to the earth, these small particles begin to acquire a fundamental role as butterflies flapping at the same time.

Everything we do and stop doing has a huge impact on the place where we develop and therefore in the short or long term will have a huge impact on the whole planet and therefore on humanity. In our time, transcending separation is one of the fundamental missions for anyone who wants to understand its role in the world and in nature; for artists like Aaron Glasson, this understanding is manifested in each of his actions and above all in his particular way of seeing the world through each of his works…

Aaron Glasson en Mextonia PC: YoshiTravel

Born in New Zealand, Aaron’s studio work and installations have been exhibited around the world, in places such as the MOTAT and Spoke Art Gallery; in magazines such as Juxtapoz and HI Fructose; in festival walls such as Sea Walls by Pangea Seed Foundation, of which he is also creative director; and in Mextonia, produced in Tallinn by Nueve Arte Urbano.

Stand For Standing Rock.Vía aaronglasson.com

Characterized by a vibrant style and in deep contact with nature, Aaron Glasson’s artivism takes up the most essential aspects of the human spirit and ennobles them by interacting it with its environment, creating pieces that highlight the ethnic, cultural and endemic qualities of a region, developing a sincere and cataclysmic discourse of what is to come if we do not change the way we do things, portraying what is to come if we do not change the way we do things.

TRANSCENDING SEPARATI☯N de Celeste Byers y Aaron Glasson                         VIA aaronglasson.com

Beyond the works of art, the best way to know the perception of an artist is through his raw works, which are developed in a direct way, without trial and without corrections, in this sense, the sketches of Aaron Glasson tell the story of a person who is not only in contact with nature, but with his spirituality and his humanity, being the harmony between all the above, a quality that allows him to find inspiration throughout the world around him and take action in the form of different manifestations: from sketching to the wall, easel, installation or video; changing the universe from its small trench as a revolting particle whose reach and impact are unlimited.

SK-TCHBOOK 21 Vía aaronglasson.com

Artivism of Aaron Glasson will be present in Querétaro during the Seawalls Urban Art Festival of Nine Seawalls Water is One, from March 27 to April 17,2018 in Querétaro.

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Video: Women of Kihnu by Yoshi Travel


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